2W Touring 12´6 race, MSL fusion, complete with 3-piece paddle

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Manufacturer: 2W sports

Price from 12 690 Kč
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2W SUP Touring 12´6 race, MSL fusion

2W Touring is an inflatable paddleboard for all riders who are looking for maximum quality for affordable money.

The best technology MSL fusion, versatility, design and long life.

For standing or sitting in a kayak seat. For relaxation on the water.

Sharp tip, board width / 76 cm / = Touring is a fast board, for longer fitness rides, more sporty concept, yet stable.

Load capacity up to 150 kg.

Recommended pressure 16–20 Psi depending on conditions and type of water surface.


• 1 x US box for fin race

• stainless steel rings to fit kayak seat on a paddleboard

• stainless steel ring for tying a paddleboard

• elevated EVA – at the end of a board the deck pad is lifted to support leg when turning quickly

• MSL fusion technology: paddleboard is lighter ond stiffer

• bag on wheels • reinforcing tape carbon design – for better stiffness and perfect design

• bungee cords to tie down a waterproof bag 2Wsports

Kit includes:

• bag on wheels with straps to carry it easier

• paddleboard

• 3 part foldable aluminum paddle – adjustable from 170 to 210 cm

• safety leash • quality two way pump • repair kit

Size cm Volume l Rider weight kg Technology Weight kg
381 × 76 × 15 350 l do 150 MSL fusion 9,89

Extra order:

• kayak seat

• 4-piece kayak paddle

• 2-piece or 3-piece 2W carbon paddle, 100% full carbon

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